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Did   You  Know...

Did you know that living spaces are just like people, meaning they also trap negative energies, emotions, and traumas?


Did you know that when certain places are too charged with low vibrational experiences, entities, and unseen unpleasant beings hang around you affecting your energy and mood?


Did you know that with all the energetic shifts occurring lately in the Earth, a lot of things are being shaken to the surface and homes are getting heavier?


Did you know that Sage is not enough to clear a home?


Sage, it is more like a cleanser, a purifier...




Are you ready to take charge of the energy of your home and set it up in a beneficial way for you, your loved ones and earth?

 Get  Ready  to  Have  a  Clear  High Vibrational  Place

In this 2 hour group clearing, your home/business space will…

  • Release deep programs, energies, low vibrational beings and heavy energie

  • Adjust and balance Layland and Geopathic stress

  • Harmonize your home and the inhabitants in them as well as raise the vibrational energ

and   much  more....


Quantum Multidimensional Transformation

This clearing can be applied to your home, apartment, business or even apartment complex. Although we recommend to do it the first time, one space at a time.


Other clearings may call upon the Light to rid your home and property of wayward souls, but this Deep (and I mean DEEP!) Space Clearing calls in everyone, from ArchAngel Michael and his posse, to the Pleiadians, the Arcadians, and even your own unique and specific Star Family!


How is this possible?


This clearing, like ALL of my healing videos, are not tied to time or space. Whenever you play it, you’re connecting to that cosmic energy as if you were there when I recorded it. And not only will it return lost souls to Consciousness, but also any energy that is not serving you and your mission on this planet at this time, including negative entities as small as a microbe! I promise, your space will just feel GOOD after you run this clearing.


My recommendation?


Run it through the first time, engaging and focusing, but after that, you can merely listen to the first 15 minutes and set up the space, then let it play. Go about your day while this incredibly thorough space clearing removes anything and everything you can’t get with the vacuum!

Expressed  Love

      I Am In Constant Awe Of Our Work Together

      Working with Lisseth has brought so much to my life. I manifested and moved into my dream home, my yearly income grew by $80,000, I hired 5 new people for my small business,  my husband and I are more happy in our relationship, I have a few new friends. Deep contentment in my body. The kind of fulfillment one can feel only after soul growth.


      I am in constant awe of our work together. Working with Lisseth is so worth any amount of money. Not only will it help your income explode it will help your life burst into a celebration.  It's not always easy — but the aha you gain that flips this state around is such a powerful learning experience. You will be so proud of yourself. You will feel so grateful. It’s just amazing how good you will feel in your skin. It is just so worth it to work with Lisseth. 


      Hi, I'm Lisseth Wertz

      Hello, I’m Lisseth Wertz — and I’m the Subconscious Shifter, Quantum Leap Facilitator and Soul Integration Guide.


      I’m on a mission to help changemakers, influencers and conscious leaders who are on their spiritual path to OWN their Divine power, so they can show up fully and lead their lives by BEcoming and BEing who their Soul is calling them to be as leaders and pioneers in their field. 

      Ascension Playground

      Play your way into tapping into your Ascended Self


      Expressed  Love

          Lisseth Helps Me Get To New Levels

          Deciding to work with Lisseth changed my life in so many ways. In my 6 months with Lisseth, not only was I able to fill my coaching practice, but I am no longer paralyzed by fear. My gifts are expanding every week and my ability to help my clients is continuously deepening.


          Lisseth helps me get to new levels. I reached a new level of expansion and remembering I didn't even know was possible. I am so deeply connected to who I am as a soul, I literally remember choosing this lifetime. I remember how I felt when I did. I was so excited! I can SEE FEEL HEAR that pure positive perspective of ME. This is a new definition of “remembering who I am”. It is embodying. It is becoming. It is shattering ALL illusion. And absolutely nothing is in my way.


          Frequently  Asked  Question

          Here are a few answers to our most common questions

          When does the course start and finish?

          How long do I have access to the course? How does lifetime access sound?

          What if I have questions about this healing?

          Do you have a refund policy?​

          We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund


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          Play your way into tapping into your Ascended Self