Create Your Path

Design and Align with All Areas of Your Life

When you join this program you will:

  • Get clear about the design of your future path - THE PATH that you are walking towards now AND in IT.

  • Identifying where you are getting your information from - HINT: is that coming from a higher aspect or your smaller self - aka EGO?

  • Connecting with that part of you that knows about your Path (tip: not your ego or mind)

  • Clearing the way for you to align with the highest possibility of your Path

  • Designing your future: 1, 3, and 5 years from today.

  • Integrate it into every cell of your body - complete cell rewiring.

  • Anchoring your dream path on a molecular level and auric fields.

Even more...

  • In the videos we dive into 4 different areas of your life.

  • In the workbook you get to work with an additional 9 areas of your life if you desire.

Lisseth Wertz​


I am a Quantum Leap Facilitator, Subconscious Shifter and Soul Integration Guide who works with Changemakers, leaders, influencers, spiritual peeps that are impacting the world, to clear up the path to manifest their Soul Gifts, their calling and the life that they want.