Money and I

Money loves you, do you love money back? 

In this highly physical world, we attribute success to material things that we can count, touch, smell, and feel. Often, we neglect that there’s more to what we can see that makes the magic come to life. The finer things, the luxury, the grandeur of a name, and the money, can be achieved. Yes! 


Just as long as you’re willing to put in the work, be committed, connect with the right people, and as I always emphasize, putting in the work continuously. The things or the desires of your heart are mainly physical and that’s why you commit to physical work. But, if you want easier, more hearty, and guided work to make it happen, I’m always here to help. 


I am so excited that you are interested in joining us in Money & I... so, so, so happy!


Change your money story.

Because as you change, the world changes.

When you join the program you will: 

  • Receive access to a portal with all the BONUSES, TOOLS, ASSIGNMENTS, and REPLAYS from the training calls. 
  • Get access to the bonus section that has a couple of money clearings as well as the money game and the workshop.
  • Money Jumpstart

  • Who is Money?

  • Dating Money

  • Falling in Love with Money 

  • Sleeping with Money, Mom & Dad

  • The Past That Haunts You

  • Your Mirror... Is it Money? 

  • Money Protects You

  • The Deepest Truth: Financial Planning (BONUS)

  • Happy Ever Beginning!

  • More BONUSES at the end of the modules...

Lisseth Makhael


I am a Quantum Leap Facilitator, Subconscious Shifter and Soul Integration Guide who works with Changemakers, leaders, influencers, spiritual peeps that are impacting the world, to clear up the path to manifest their Soul Gifts, their calling and the life that they want.