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The Benefits of Daily Energy Work Are Limitless, So What’s Stopping You?

Do You Barely Have Enough Time and ENERGY to Get Through Your Day,

Much Less Do Hours of Energy WORK with Minimal Results?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel like you are on a hamster wheel, and life has lost a lot of its joy

  • Daily tasks overwhelm you and keep you from doing the things you love to do

  • You barely have five minutes to yourself during the day, and you can’t sleep at night

  • You feel stagnant, “stuck,” but have no idea how to move forward

  • You know energy work helps, but you just don’t have the time to do it every day

Hi!   My  name  is  Lisseth   Makhael

… and I’m a Quantum Leap Facilitator

and Soul Embodiment Guide! 

What does that mean?

Well, I support Visionaries & trailblazers to embodying their truth & create their Vision and Soul legacy beyond limitations by shifting their conscious, subconscious and - my expertise reside in - the unconscious. 


My magic resides in seeing possibilities their mind can't perceive yet and helping them anchor the frequency of those timelines and their Unique Soul gifts to manifest everything their Soul desires to have. 


While we work on all of that, I teach them foundational tools for them to keep working day in and out and with ease so we can accelerate the process of creation and seeing the IT show up at speed light. 


How in the world do we accelerate the process, 

you ask?

Two words: Energy. Work.


Energy  is  everything.

But you already know that.

You’ve dabbled in a healing or clearing here and there, or maybe even participated in a program. You learned to “ground” yourself (you may not be doing it quite right, but we’ll talk about that later), and you saw the benefit, but the thought of doing it EVERY DAY freaks you out, doesn’t it?


Because it just feels so… BIG.


Did you know that you can do energy work, healing layers of stories and programs, while you’re driving, grocery shopping, or even at the movies?


Effective, daily energy work doesn’t require you giving up all your worldly possessions and meditating in a cave in Tibet 24/7.


It just doesn’t. Unless shaving your head and sitting cross-legged for the rest of your life appeals to you…


If not, I’ve got great news.


You absolutely CAN make energy work a part of your daily life by learning how to use one simple tool at a time.


With my process, you slowly build your library of tools, MASTERING each one, and making it easy to access the one you need when you need it, creating an instinctual, immediate retrieval of that tool.


No more freaking out.


No more feeling overwhelmed.

How does this sound?

    • You are PRESENT for YOU, present for your family, and present for what’s going on in your life.

    • You make better decisions with crystal clarity, and you no longer take on everyone else’s “stuff.”

    • You see being an empath as a gift, no longer a curse, and you’re nurturing your gifts.

    • Triggers aren’t even a THING anymore in your life. You see them coming and release them easily.

    • You know now why you’re here, your soul mission, your purpose, and you LOVE your life.

    • You have taken charge of your own transformation, no longer dependent on others to do it for you.

      Does this sound like someone YOU want to be?

      Did you know?

      • Energy work can help you grow your business as an entrepreneur? Help you increase your bottom line? Get you “unstuck” when you feel like something is keeping you from moving forward in your business? Or in life in general?

      • Energy work doesn’t have to be super DEEP every time you use it? You can program yourself to release all the time, little by little, or, better yet, recognize the stuff you don’t want in your energy before it gets in, and keep it from affecting you at all. That’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

      • Energy work can give you more clarity, more physical energy, and more motivation to encourage personal growth? It can ease, even heal, anxiety, overwhelm and confusion, and give you more confidence to be around people. It can help you focus on your soul mission, aligning your energy to your true purpose, and opening up paths you never knew existed.

      • Energy work can help you heal old wounds, no matter how deep, even wounds from family and societal programming? Wounds that may be preventing you from having the life you’re meant to have, hindering you from owning all of YOU? And (this is the really beautiful part), did you know that by healing yourself, others around you will heal as well?


      When you heal yourself, you begin to heal others

      And, isn't that why we're all here?

      …what you will do in your own life when you’re FREE of anxiety, FREE of confusion, FREE of fatigue, FREE of fear, just… FREE.


      Free to create from the truth of YOU.


      Imagine what you will do for others, for your community, and beyond.

      How far your impact travels, is up to you.

      Expressed Love

      Lisseth is a true leader, simply because ‘she walks her talk’.


      She doesn’t share what she herself has not experienced, grown through or expanded from. She is a fierce warrior who shows up even when she is face down in the arena.


      I love Lisseth and her work, because she is the real deal. She questions and goes beyond why even business marketing is done in a certain way… Lisseth always shows you another way that feels aligned with you.


      Lisseth is a powerful soul, who dares to call you out on your b.s. She calls it as she sees it. She is not here to let you play small or to pitter patter through your healing journey. Lisseth, together with her team, guides you to become more of who you really are.


      Lisseth has been my soul doula and I am so happy to be journeying this path of life together with her. If you are attracted to her, she may have told you that your soul, your energy is attracted to her. Join us in the community and find out for yourself why you’re being pulled. Listen to the nudging of your soul and go where you’re being led. What you’re about to discover about yourself – will stay with you for lifetimes to come.


      Here’s The Raw TRUTH About ENERGY WORK

      If you don’t have the foundational tools, the BASICS, then you won’t be able to dig really deep, releasing the heavy stuff that stands in your way. Imagine trying to perform heart surgery when you don’t know anything about basic anatomy. You won’t be able to affect your life in a big way. You won’t be able to change the world. And you want to change the world, don’t you? (Yeah, you do.)


      It’s easier than you think. If you’ve tried energy work and liked it, if you want to incorporate it into your everyday life, if you want to change your life by healing yourself, and ultimately change the world by healing others, if you want a simple Energy Management Course that can help you start the process of honing and mastering the tools you need, then it’s time to get on the path…


      With my unique guidance, you’ll be able to master the tools that are an essential part of energy work, helping you make quantum leaps in your own growth!


      You’ll learn to follow your own path to the real YOU, the YOU you’re meant to be, the YOU that you know is inside you, the powerful, happy, successful YOU.

      Expressed Love

      I just had a one on one session with her that has literally helped to set me free from blocks that have been holding me hostage my entire life. Some I wasn’t even fully aware that I had.


      She helped usher me into a place of Overflowing Joy…. can’t you see it?


      Trust me I get it… I was the one that felt like this “spiritual activation stuff” worked for others but not me. I want you to know I FELT the shift… I’ve witnessed the damn break allowing all that I’ve desired to flow in… It can happen for you too!


      She didn’t ask me to write this, I’m just so EXCITED and thought you all should know. If you’ve been on the fence get off of it and work with Lisseth, your soul will thank you!


      What  the Program Includes

          • Everything you need to heal yourself with ease, dramatically increasing your self-awareness

          • Membership in the exclusive Path To Yourself Facebook group, for discussion and sharing!

          • Your own personal portal with lifetime access!

          • Bonus videos to watch on your own every week, including the new tools you’ll be learning

          • The benefit of other member’s experiences and contributions, others seeking the same things you are 

          • A deeper connection to yourself, which is the absolute KEY to successful energy work!

                This program is the CEMENT that binds it all together. It’s the catalyst that will bring everything you need to heal and transform yourself into one place, interconnecting and working in symbiosis.


                 P.S. This foundational program will be the starting point, Level 1 of Quantum Academy launching in 2021. 

                Expressed Love

                WENDY LOU

                NANCY AGER

                ANGIE KRAFT

                What    You  Can  Expect  in  this  Program

                          MODULE 1: A SOUL IN A PHYSICAL BODY

                          Understand WHY your soul chose to come here, why you incarnated into this life, and start to heal all the things that have made life here seem so difficult, especially for empaths. It was not meant to be hard, and I’ll show you how to get out of that story.


                          When your intuition and logical mind are at odds, in a state of imbalance, there is confusion, and you begin to doubt your gifts. This module will teach you to balance the two, giving you more mental clarity and waking up your intuition.

                          MODULE 3: YOU ARE POWERFUL!

                          Learn to OWN your space once and for all. Heal any family and societal programs that are hindering you owning all of you. It’s time to step into your power without fear!

                          MODULE 4: OWNING ALL OF YOU

                          Bringing the first three modules together, you’ll connect to your higher dimensional self, owning all of you on an even deeper level.

                          MODULE 5: HEALING YOUR BODY

                          Learn to heal and yes, even prevent physical, emotional and energetic illness and nurture your body as well as setting your NEW vibration of vibrant health and abundance.

                          MODULE 6: MANAGING YOUR ENERGY

                          In this module, you’ll put all your tools together, and learn to use them effortlessly in your everyday life. You’ll learn to set your day when you wake up in the morning, and heal on the go, while you’re running the kids to school, or at the mall… literally anywhere.

                          MODULE 7: PATH TO YOURSELF

                          Change the lens of perception you see yourself through, heal self-judgment, and start on the… can you guess it? Yep. The path to yourself.

                          MODULE 8: HEALING YOUR EGO

                          In this module, we put everything together, and you take charge of your own healing. Yeah.


                          As you may know, when we’re triggered, it’s because others are showing us something in ourselves that needs to be addressed. In this module, we’ll dive even deeper into your healing and learn to handle and release these triggers in the moment.

                          Amazing Bonuses

                          What  Clients  Experience


                          • INCREASED SOUL GIFTS

                          • INCREASED CONFIDENCE LEVELS

                          • IMPROVED INTUITION

                          • AWAKENED WORTH

                          • ACTIVATED JOY

                          • BETTER CREATIVITY

                          • HEALING OF DEEP ROOTED WOUNDS

                          • SHIFTING OF DEEP ROOTED BELIEFS


                          • AND SO MUCH MORE...

                          Expressed Love

                          Thanks to Lisseth’s incredibly powerful guidance, all pieces of me came back to my body and for the first time I felt whole.


                          I also realized that nothing has to be separated, and when we get rid of the illusion of separation, magic happens. I literally felt the energy of all things shine brighter than I ever saw before. I have felt the burning heat of the ONE powerful energy totally invading my body in waves. I felt like a phoenix in a sense. It was beautiful. I am so grateful, it’s beyond words 🙏 💖 Love Love Love


                          GET STARTED NOW AND JOIN

                          Flexible Payment Plan

                          • Tools shared during the whole program  

                          • Healing on any blocks for those those tools to work for you

                          • Recorded live Q&A to support you in how to apply the tools in your daily live.  

                          • 3 bonuses to support you in the integration of utilizing the tools 

                          3 MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF


                            Get The Best Deal By Paying in Full

                            • Everything you see in the Flexible Plan

                            • Special BONUS:

                              COMPLETE the Program in 10 weeks (Q+A does not need to be included) you have the opportunity to receive a GIFTED 2-hours session with Lisseth - VALUE is $1500. 

                            1 PAYMENT OF


                            You can choose One Time Payment of $1555 or Flexible Plan of $555 for 3 Months.

                                    What   Happens   After   You  Click  to  Join

                                    1. You will be taken to the payment page to confirm your mode of payment.
                                    2. Once your payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email for booking/purchase invoice. 
                                    3. You will also receive a Welcome Email which contains your unique login and username to access our Awakening Your Greatness resource library which you can begin to access immediately. If you have joined one of Lisseth’s other programs in the past or purchased a product before, your current logins will apply — simply log into your existing account and you will see the Awakening Your Greatness resource on your dashboard. 
                                    4. If you have any questions about your booking or Awakening Your Greatness resource library access, please write to: support@pathtoyourself.com

                                    Frequently Asked Question

                                    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

                                    I’m looking to be more abundant financially. Can this program clear my money blocks?

                                    If that is your intention, Lisseth can definitely start to clear up the path to Become that. It is important to remember that becoming financially abundant is a deep journey because we’ve all absorbed programming from family and society about that throughout the many years we have been on Earth. Hence there will always be “new” layers to let go. It won’t necessarily happen overnight, although that can happen. It depends on how much you have worked on this in the past and the way your Divine Template is set up. It also requires massive action. Balancing the Masculine and the Femenine energies, as well as clearing your relationship with money is crucial to be financially abundant. 6 weeks will get us started but to really achieve it, it is recommended you dive into the longer journey via Owning Your Path 1:1.

                                    What if I’m halfway through the program and I don’t feel like anything is working?

                                    I sometimes feel low and depressed, will this program help me?

                                    Do you have a refund policy?​

                                    Expressed  Love

                                    I Am In Constant Awe Of Our Work Together

                                    Working with Lisseth has brought so much to my life. I manifested and moved into my dream home, my yearly income grew by $80,000, I hired 5 new people for my small business,  my husband and I are more happy in our relationship, I have a few new friends. Deep contentment in my body. The kind of fulfillment one can feel only after soul growth.


                                    I am in constant awe of our work together. Working with Lisseth is so worth any amount of money. Not only will it help your income explode it will help your life burst into a celebration.  It's not always easy — but the aha you gain that flips this state around is such a powerful learning experience. You will be so proud of yourself. You will feel so grateful. It’s just amazing how good you will feel in your skin. It is just so worth it to work with Lisseth. 


                                    Lisseth Helps Me Get To New Levels

                                    Deciding to work with Lisseth changed my life in so many ways. In my 6 months with Lisseth, not only was I able to fill my coaching practice, but I am no longer paralyzed by fear. My gifts are expanding every week and my ability to help my clients is continuously deepening.


                                    Lisseth helps me get to new levels. I reached a new level of expansion and remembering I didn't even know was possible. I am so deeply connected to who I am as a soul, I literally remember choosing this lifetime. I remember how I felt when I did. I was so excited! I can SEE FEEL HEAR that pure positive perspective of ME. This is a new definition of “remembering who I am”. It is embodying. It is becoming. It is shattering ALL illusion. And absolutely nothing is in my way.


                                    GET STARTED NOW AND JOIN

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