Path To Yourself Program

This Program is About Creating Strong ENERGY WORK FOUNDATIONS

When you join this program you will:

  • Heal (transform) your energy

  • Learn to heal on the go

  • Have the structure to dive deeper in your Energy Work

  • Heal the blocks to use these tools so they actually work for you

  • Start the deep healing of your boundaries

  • Learn how to apply these tools in your life and business

  • Have the tools to be neutral with your clients

  • Transform the blocks to manifest what you want

  • And more...

    Lisseth Makhael


    I am a Quantum Leap Facilitator, Subconscious Shifter and Soul Integration Guide who works with Changemakers, leaders, influencers, spiritual peeps that are impacting the world, to clear up the path to manifest their Soul Gifts, their calling and the life that they want.